Aspera and Firefox v. 52.0 and higher

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A recent update to Firefox (v.52.0) has stopped support for NPAPI plugins, including Aspera Connect which globaledit uses to facilitate high speed uploads and downloads. You may see the following yellow notice at the top of your browser:



This means that upgrading to Firefox's Version 52.0 (or higher) will mean Aspera is no longer supported. Specifically:

    • Users can not upload/download using Aspera.
    • All uploads/downloads will be automatically flipped to upload/download via HTTP.
    • Without Aspera, download/upload will only allow one task at a time through HTTP.
    • Without Aspera, download does not support downloads larger than 4GB through HTTP.
    • Without Aspera, uploads do not support uploading folders through HTTP. 
    • Users attempting to download Aspera-created downloads via the Download Manager may find them inaccessible.

Globaledit users working on the latest version of Firefox who wish to continue to use Aspera can switch to Safari or Internet Explorer

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Client Services team by using Please also don't hesitate to reach out to ask our Client Services about our HTTP Beta Upload which will allow you to upload Folders using HTTP. 

For troubleshooting Aspera with other browsers, please see our Aspera Connect - Troubleshooting page.

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