Appending Derivatives

Perrie Schad -

Derivatives are files that are appended to a Source file. Derivatives and Source files MUST share the same filename, but may have varying file extensions. A Source file is the primary file that is used by globaledit to create a thumbnail preview in the Library. The derivative is an attachment to that source file. Multiple Derivatives of varying file formats can be appended to a single source file. For example, typically source files are JPGs or PDFs and derivatives are RAW, EIP, TIF, PSD or INDD files. 

To append Derivatives at the point of upload, navigate to the Add Files option in the Derivatives Tab after you’ve added your primary files in the Source Tab.


Derivatives can also be appended to files already in the Library. To do so, highlight an existing folder and click the Options icon manage_icon.png . In the menu that opens, there will be an option to Append Derivatives. Then, the same steps as in the above apply, or you can see below for a more detailed description.


NOTE: It is ok to include files that do not have corresponding Source files in the Library because globaledit will only upload and append files that match.


Below is the steps to take once you're in the Derivatives tab in either the Upload or Append window:

  • Click on Add Files, select the folder or files to be appended to the source files.
  • If you have installed Aspera, the Transfer – Aspera Connect window will launch and start uploading the derivatives (seen below). If you do not have Aspera, the upload will be done in the globaledit window via our HTTP uploader.


  • You will also see the Job Status window processing files once the derivatives are done uploading.


  • Once completed, these Derivatives can be found in the Derivatives menu available in the right Tool Panel drop down menu:



NOTE: If a file has an appended Derivative, anyone who has access to download will see that filetype as an available format to download from the Library.

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