Error: You no longer have access to this Folder/Job

globaledit Support -

When you log in to globaledit, you will always be returned to the last Library location of your previous session. If that Library location (be it a Lightbox or Folder) has been changed or no longer exists, you will receive an error that indicates "You no longer have access to this Folder or Job".
To return to your library, select the keys COMMAND + ALT + SHIFT + R simultaneously. This is the shortcut for resetting your globaledit user interface (UI) and will essentially clear your globaledit cache, which is trying to load previous directories that no longer exist.
Once reset, you will be asked to log in to your account again; you will see a refreshed page. Simply access your Jobs library by selecting the drop-down menu next to your account name to display the folders.
Please see here for more information about Resetting your User Interface.
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