Aspera Connect Upgrade - All Browsers

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Beginning the week of April 10th 2017, users who have the Aspera Connect plug-in will be required to update to the latest version and re-allow Aspera's connection in select browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari). Yes, even Chrome is compatible now!

All users who upload and download will have to do the following going forward before logging in to globaledit from now on:

  1. Update the Aspera Connect plug-in by going to the aspera website here (if you are already up to date, you can skip this step). You can also see our support website here for installation instructions.
  1. Open the aspera connect plug-in from your Applications window before going to globaledit.


3. Go to with the Plug-in already open and active.

4. Log in to globaledit on any preferred browser.

5. If you have recently installed a new version, make sure the plug-in is allowed. To see how to allow the plug-in in each browser, please click here.

Moving Forward:

  • If you have Aspera open and running before logging in to globaledit, you will see no change and can proceed as normal.
  • If you do not open the plug-in first, globaledit will not recognize Aspera in your current session. You will need to close globaledit, open Aspera first, and then log in to globaledit again.


** In order to facilitate your workflow, please consider setting the Aspera Connect plug-in to open automatically upon logging in to your computer.

On Mac/OSX:

Right/Option click on the Aspera Connect icon in your dock, choose Options > Open at Login


On PC/Windows:

Click on the Aspera Connect icon in the bottom right of the Start Menu. The Aspera Connect Transfers window will open. Click on the Gear Icon in the lower left of that window, which will take you to the Preferences. Select General > “Automatically launch Aspera Connect when Windows starts” > Click Ok



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