Sharing and Collaborating with Lightboxes

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A lightbox is a collection of images created from the Library that allows you to collaboratively edit and share content with both globaledit and non-globaledit users.

To see how to create a lightbox and add assets, please click HERE.

This section covers:

Some beneficial functionality of our lightboxes feature includes:

  • Any image ratings made in a lightbox are reflected in the Image Library and vice versa.
  • Any image ratings changed in a shared lightbox will update the image ratings in your Image Library as well as the Lightbox / Image Library of the other shared lightbox users.
  • Tools and ratings permissions can be defined when sharing a lightbox collection.
  • Use Lightboxes to facilitate large quantity downloads.
  • Show public markups to share notes and retouching requests with teams.
  • Manage your lightbox users, edit their permissions, or invite additional users.

Collaborate with the other lightbox users by making comments on your lightbox.

The creator of the lightbox can delete any comments, and each user can delete his/her own comments. You can also manage your lightbox users, edit their permissions, or invite additional users from here.


Sharing a Lightbox

Once you have created the collection you want to share, select the Lightbox from the list, click the Options icon manage_icon.png and select Share.


You can start typing a user's name if they have a login, or insert any email address manually or from your address book. These will be the recipients of the Lightbox.

You can customize the subject and message boxes and adjust Lightbox user permissions - Adjust permissions based on level of access you want to give.

When you are finished, click Send Invitation. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that the Lightbox was sent displaying a list of recipients and expiration dates (if applicable). Click OK to finish.



Collaborative Lightboxes

In order to facilitate more collaboration, globaledit users can choose to make their lightboxes collaborative when sharing them with other globaledit users (this functionality does not apply to guest recipients). Checking off “Allow adding assets” within the Invite Lightbox Users options will enable globaledit users they share the lightbox with to contribute content (as seen below).


Regarding permissions, any asset added to a collaborative lightbox by a recipient will carry on the permissions of the user that added it. For example:

  • If the file added to a lightbox requires a watermark, everyone who has access to that lightbox will see the image watermarked.
  • If the person that added the asset cannot download it, no one else can download that asset within the lightbox (even if they are admins or have permission within their library).

Globaledit takes the security of your content very seriously, and wants to maintain a high standard when it comes to keeping your sensitive material safe.

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