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There are several methods to initiate a download of assets from globaledit. The following article covers:

Individual Assets

Press "Download" located in the top right of the globaledit screen to instantly initiate a download of the original uploaded filetype (source file). You can also download a single source file by using the Options menu's Hamburger Icon (☰) after hovering over that asset and selecting "Download". If your file is under 15MB, the file will be retrieved immediately.

** If your file is over 15MB and/or is NOT a single file, the download will need to be retrieved from the Download Manager (see below).

The Download Manager

This can be accessed by selecting the folder icon to the right of the "Download" button in the top right of the globaledit screen.

This Manager is where you will find all initiated downloads, and can see whether or not they are still processing or are ready to be retrieved (downloaded to your computer). Most downloads take a few moments to process. You will be emailed when it is ready and a number will appear on the top of the tools panel. Note: These notifications will stay for 7 days unless you clear them manually.

When ready, the processing icon () will turn into a downward arrow (). Clicking on that Download Arrow to the left of each listing will retrieve the files in that batch.

Download Detail - Downloading Derivatives

If you have a selection of files highlighted, selecting the "Download Detail" arrow button next to the larger Download button will prompt the option to download all filetypes and Derivatives associated with the selected file(s). Here you can choose which type you want to retrieve.

Derivatives can also be retrieved by going to the "Derivatives" section of the Tool Kit, selecting the Derivative files, and using the gear icon () to select "Download", as seen below:

Multiple Assets

To download more than one asset, you can batch select them in the library. From the Hamburger Icon (☰) in the top right corner of the viewing panel, select "Download".

Your files will then process in the Download Manager and globaledit will notify you via an in-app notification and an email when they are ready to be retrieved. Follow the steps to the Download Manager to retrieve the files (see above).

Selecting the "Download Detail" button with multiple assets will also prompt an additional dialogue box to let you choose the desired file types:

Downloading from a Folder in the Library

To download an entire folder or Library tree, select the gear icon () to the right of the folder you want to download, and then select "Download". Your folder(s) will process through the Download Manager, where you can then retrieve them when ready (see above).

Folders also prompt the "Download All" options dialogue box as seen above, to choose the file types you wish to retrieve. This is also where you can confirm that Aspera High-speed download is Enabled. Note: If you are not running Aspera - multiple asset downloads will download as a single .zip file.]

Downloading from a Lightbox

Downloading from a lightbox can be done by using any of the methods above, in addition to using the "Download All" option at the top of the viewing panel.

For more elaboration on Lightboxes (including downloads), please refer to the following instructional video:

Downloading Asset Requests

For more info on Asset Rights, please click here.

If you are an Asset Restricted user you can view your Pending Requests to download by clicking on the Download Manager and navigating to the "Asset Requests" tab, as seen below. Hovering over the filename also gives me a preview of the image.


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