Creating an Approval or Kill Gallery

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Approval or Kill galleries allow users to quickly and easily kill or approve assets.

Create an Approval or Kill Gallery

To create an approval/kill gallery, navigate to the galleries page by clicking Manage then Galleries. Click the button labeled Add New Gallery.




Select Collection

    • Select either a Lightbox or Library folder as the source for your gallery images.
    • Press the Next button when you are ready to proceed. 


Configure Galleries

    • Enter the Gallery Name in the text field
    • Choose the Kill or Approve Rating Type
    • Set the Kill/Approval Percentage (if necessary)
    • Set the Expiration Date field (if necessary)
    • Select a Watermark type from the watermark drop down (if necessary) 
    • Select the checkbox under Allow Notes (if necessary) 
    • If you wish to send multiple approval galleries to the same user at this time, click the Add Another Gallery button and repeat above steps.
    • Press the Next button when you are ready to proceed.


Set Recipients

    • Recipients are the users who will receive the gallery. Sending a gallery to multiple recipients will allow them to share edits and collaborate. Once one of the recipients submits a report, the gallery will become inaccessible for the other recipients. Please note that approval galleries can only be sent to globaledit users.
    • Send email to recipients will send a gallery notification email to the recipients. If you uncheck this, the gallery will be created and the user will be able to access normally but no email sent.
    • Email Subject is the subject line that will be sent in the gallery notification email to recipients and CC recipients. 
    • Email Message is the message body that will be sent in the gallery notification email to recipients and CC recipients. 
    • CC Recipients will only receive a copy of the email notification, but not be able to login to view images or make kills.
    • Report Recipients are the users will receive the .pdf report and email notification when the gallery has been finished.
    • Press the Next button when you are ready to proceed.


Confirm Settings

    • Review your settings and confirm that they are correct.
    • Press the Send button when you are ready to send.


Click the Ok button to return to your list of Galleries.
You can send an approval gallery with one-click by selecting Send as Approval Gallery from the folder's options menu.


Once clicked, a dialogue box will appear. Enter the name of the recipient. They must be a globaledit system user, so be sure to send them their login credentials ahead of time. Choose from sending an Approval gallery or a Kill gallery.

send to.jpg


By default, one-click approval galleries will have no expiration date, no watermark, and will allow the recipient to add notes.

You can still access customized permissions by clicking "Customize Gallery", which takes you to the page where you can setup kill percentages, change the name of the gallery, add CC recipients, or write a custom message.



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