Managing Approval Galleries and Creating Reports

Perrie Schad -

From the Manage tab select Galleries. All galleries you have created will be listed.

To change the settings for a gallery, click the gallery name. You can edit any of the gallery parameters:

  • Name - change name of the gallery
  • Status - change the status of the gallery to reopen or close
    • Not Started - the gallery has yet to be viewed by the recipient
    • In Progress - the recipient has made at least one kill or one approval
    • Expired - the gallery has past its due date and is unaccessible to the recipient
    • Done - the gallery has been marked as finished by the recipient
  • Add recipients - add additional users to have access to the gallery
  • Send a message - send a reminder notification email to recipients
  • Kill Percentage - change the percentage of kills allowed
  • Expiration Date - change the expiration date
  • Watermark - add a watermark to your images when viewing
  • Allow Notes - allow the user given access to the gallery to write notes


You can also change the expiration date directly from the Gallery Management page. Click on the expiration date and select a new date from the calendar popup. 


As a user of globaledit, you have the option of generating a Kill/Approval Report PDF when managing your approval/kill galleries.

Click the Manage tab and then click on Galleries.


Here, all of your approval galleries are listed. Simply click on the gallery you wish to generate a report for and you will be brought to that galleries’ settings page.


Regardless of the status of the gallery, you can generate a report that will detail which assets have been killed/approved and those that have not.


The actual report shows several details and you have the option to save it as a PDF, Text, or CSV file.


The report summarizes the following:

  • File Name
  • Rating (Killed/Alive/Approved)
  • Rated By (User who made the Kills/Approvals)
  • Rated Date
  • Notes (any notes the user made pertaining to an asset)
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