Receiving an Approval Gallery

Perrie Schad -

The globaledit Approval Gallery allows the user to quickly and easily kill or approve images.

Review Approval Status

The due date, total number of images, and current progress are located in the upper right hand corner.

Mark Kills (if a Kill gallery); or Mark Approvals (if an Approve gallery)

Review your images. Click the red Kill button or the green Approve button in the right sidebar to kill/approve assets that you do not want to be used. You can also use the kill/approve button that appears in the upper left hand corner of each image. When killed/approved, the kill/approve buttons will turn red/green and a red X/green check-mark will appear over the asset thumbnail. You can kill/approve and unkill/unapprove assets until you have clicked the Submit button.

Make Notes

If notes are enabled for the gallery, mouse over the image and press the notes button. Type your note in the notes window and press save. You may navigate to other images and continue to make notes or close the window to continue reviewing assets.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts below to navigate your approval gallery.

  • Up, Down, Left, Right – navigate the image thumbnail grid
  • Enter – view large image in grid
  • Escape – revert to grid view when in large view
  • X – Kill image (if in kill mode)
  • A – Approve image (if in approve mode)


Once you have finished marking your images, click the Submit button to submit your gallery. Once you have done this, you will not be able to access or make any more changes to that gallery.

Access Other Galleries

If you have other pending approval galleries, you can access them at any time by clicking on the menu at the top of the page and selecting the one you want to work on.



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