Uploading Assets

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You can upload assets by clicking the Upload button on the top of your Jobs Panel, or by clicking Upload Assets in your options menu located to the right of your Job folder or subfolder.


When the upload box appears, click my computer and Add Files to add the source files. When you are done adding the source files, click Next.

If you wish to upload derivatives, select My Computer, then Add FilesKeep in mind that all derivatives must have the same file name as their corresponding source files in order for them to upload successfully. 


If you would like to enter metadata upon upload, you can select from a pre-made custom template specific to your job. 


To notify users that an upload is complete, be sure to check the box underneath the Notifications tab. This will notify every user who is assigned to this job. If you only want specific users to receive an email, you may enter their email address in the box within the Notifications tab. Once that is all complete, click Start to begin your upload. 



Monitoring your Uploads 

You can check on the status of your uploads in your globaledit Job Monitor. To find it, navigate towards your job panel, click on Options, and select Job Monitor.



Select View next to the job you want to see the status of.

A window with a progress bar will appear showing the how far along your upload is. 



Uplinks are a portal you can setup for a photographer or tech to upload directly to a folder in your globaledit  library. You can create an Uplink from any folder in your library. Simply go to your options button on the side of the desired folder, and select Create Uplink.

From here you can enter the email address of the photographer/tech, or click Customize Uplink to add metadata, set an expiration date for your Uplink, or add a personal message to your request. 


To learn more about customizing and managing Uplinks, see Uplink: Setup and Management


globaledit Desktop

globaledit Desktop is an easy and efficient way to upload your assets from set. The application allows you to sync a hot folder on your computer to your globaledit library, allowing you to push files to their necessary folders as you work. For more information on globaledit desktop, see Using globaledit Desktop

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