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To start adding a new job on globaledit, click the plus sign (+) next to the "Jobs" header at the top of the Collections Panel. This will bring up the "Create New Job" wizard, which will guide you through setting up your upload step by step:




Job Properties

  • Account: Make sure the correct Account is chosen in this drop down menu. It will default to your assigned account, but if you have access to other accounts you can view or choose them here.
  • Job Name: This is the only other required field to create a new job, and is what will appear in your job tree. Fill out the job name according to your given job-naming requirements. If you have your images ready to upload, click Next. If you'd like to upload images at a later time, click Start to just create the job folder.
  • Job Code: This can be used for your team's internal purposes, oftentimes a number related to invoicing. The Job Code is a search field option under the Admin side, so it can be very useful for tracking your jobs.
  • Job Description: Another field that can be used for internal purposes, this can be used to describe the job or project.
  • Creator: This can be used for the photographer or original creator of the photos or videos.
  • Upload Technician: This field will auto-fill with the name of the user who is creating the job


Source - Choose Files to Upload

  • Choose the files you wish to upload. If you have both low-res and hi-res files that you want to upload, choose the low-res files here. You'll be prompted for the hi-res later.
  • Click the Add Files button to choose files from your computer, server, or external hard drive. You can select at the job/folder level; GLOBALedit will ingest and maintain the folder structure you have set up. Click OK or Select to continue.
  • If you are unable to choose a folder, check to make sure you have Aspera properly installed on your computer.
  • Click Start to begin uploading your files, or click Next to set up your derivatives or other options.


Derivatives - Choose Hires/RAW Files to Upload

In globaledit, derivatives are files that can be appended or attached to the original source files, oftentimes hi-res or RAW versions. As long as the filename matches exactly, the derivative will be appended to the corresponding source file. For example, image01.cr2 can be appended as a derivative to image01.jpg.

  • Make sure to check Append to sub-folders if there are subfolders in your job you'd like the files to be appended to.
  • Click Start to begin uploading your files, or click Next to set up other options.


If you have the user permission to assign users to a job, you'll be able to set that up here. Use the drop down menus to pick and choose users, their user roles, and expiration date if necessary, then click Add.

  • Account: If you are an admin with access to multiple accounts, you can assign the job to any user in any of those accounts.
  • Name: Choose your desired user here.
  • Role: The role you specify here will dictate what sort of access the user will have within the job. 
  • Expiration Date: If you set an expiration date, the user will no longer have access to the job after that date.  



If desired or required by your admin, choose the metadata schema you wish to add metadata through from the drop-down menu. This will stamp all uploaded source files with the specified metadata.



Check the Notify all users box to send an email notification to all users assigned to the job of the upload completion. You can also use the white text box to notify specific people of your upload. By default, you will get an email notification when your upload completes.


Click Start to begin your upload. The Job Status window will appear, which will track your job upload and processing status. Make sure to check your Aspera Transfer window to verify your files are uploading successfully.

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