Advanced Search

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To activate the advanced search, click Advanced to the right of the search window. This will bring up the advanced search dialog. From here, you can build advanced search queries with one or many terms. The match conditions option allows you to specify whether you want your search to return assets that match all or any of the search queries. Use the plus or minus icons to add or remove queries from your search. To search the entire library, not just your current location within the job tree, check the box titled Search entire library below the search queries.

Search Fields

  • Rating *
  • Metadata
  • Filename
  • Multiple Filenames
  • File Extension
  • Notes
  • Rights Restriction Date
  • Markups *
  • Upload *
  • Modified *
*Smart Search options available.


Saved Searches

It can be helpful to save frequently used searches for re-use at a later time. Click the "Save As" button to bring up the save search dialog window. Enter a name for the search and click OK. This search can be accessed later by clicking the "Open" button.



Smart Search

Smart Search is the ability to search ratings by which user made them and during a specific period of time. This adds an additional level of focus to your searches, allowing you to see specifics such as, "show me every kill made by [this user]" or “show me every asset selected between [this date range].”

To use these new options, within Advanced Search and the * categories above are the following icons:


These let you select a user and/or a date to add to your search parameters.

Begin typing a name to select a user:

Choose your date range search terms:

  • None
  • Today, This Week, This Month, or This Year
  • Last "_____" Number of Days
  • Date Range (date picker)

Multiple File Name Search

When conducting an advanced search, in the first dropdown, select Multiple Filenames. A field to the right will allow you to list all of the filenames that you would like to search for. The maximum number of characters that this field can fit is 4000.


You can place entire lists here and separate each individual filename with either a comma or the enter key by placing each filename on its own line.


Select Search to run the search by those filenames.


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