Moving Folders

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Users have the ability to “drag and drop” folders or assets from one Job folder to another Job folder.


Administrators must set a user's permissions to allow job-to-job functions. You can find the permissions options in the Users tab of the Admin panel:

admin.pngFigure 1: Library management options in the Admin panel.


Moving Folders or Assets Between Jobs

In the Jobs list, click the folder or asset to be moved and drag it into another job folder. For example, in order to move a folder: Click the job you want to move and then drag it into the job folder where you want to relocate it.

 drag_folder-4.pngFigure 2: Moving a folder between Job folders.


A confirmation window will prompt you to confirm or cancel the move:

 confirm_move-2.pngFigure 3: The Move Folder window confirmation.


If you are moving a folder, the Job Status window will appear to allow you to monitor the progress of the move. (Closing this window will not stop the job processing.)

 status_window.png Figure 4: The Job Status window showing the progress of the move.


You will also see the move process indicated in the Job folder:

folder_moving.png Figure 5: Job folder window showing a move is in progress.


Please note: If you choose to Stop Processing during the move, some of the assets may have already been moved into the new folder. In that case, you may need to move those assets back into their original folder to consolidate them as they were before the move was initiated.


Completion of the Move

When the move has completed processing, you will find that the folder or assets are now located in their new job folder destination. (Note: You may need to refresh the page.)

folder_done-2.png Figure 6: Completion of the move.
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