Receiving an Uplink

Perrie Schad -

An Uplink is a simple upload portal to send someone who needs to deliver assets directly to a job or folder.


An Uplink recipient will receive an email allowing them to upload via Aspera or HTTP. They will also have the option to download Aspera if they haven't already.

Aspera must be downloaded prior in order to launch.


Select the Uplink you want to upload to from the left column, under My Uplinks.


If prompted, fill out the requested metadata fields, which will be stamped on the files being uploaded. Click Next to continue.


Click Add Files (or Add Folders if using Aspera) to select the files and/or folders to upload. If you have a folder with sub-folder(s), globaledit will maintain your folder structure. It's best to click the highest level folder here. Click Start Upload once you have chosen all your files.


You will see the number of files processed as your files begin uploading. You can monitor the process here, click View Files to check the files uploading, or Cancel Upload.


Once your upload is complete, you can Start a New Upload to add more. You can add assets at any time, as long as your Uplink is still active, by returning to your globaledit Uplink.

If you are completely finished with the Uplink, you can click Finish This Uplink to submit it. This will send your Uplink admin (the person who sent you this Uplink) a notification of your submission. You will not be able to access the Uplink once you click Finish.

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