File Renaming in Uplink

Corrie Zaccaria -

We know that it's important to stick to a standard file naming convention. Use our Uplink file renamer to ensure that you're always keeping consistent!  Set a file naming convention within the settings page and eliminate the need for an uploader to do anything extra.

Choose "Set file naming convention" on the Uplink page.


Once check-marked, you can enter in the naming convention.



Things to know...

  • During the Uplink upload transfer, you can see the uploaded files as they come through. To preserve the file order, we only rename files when the Uplink is complete so users can see the original file name come through for a small period of time.
  • If an Uplink file conflicts with an existing file in globaledit, we will increment the filename until it's possible to not conflict.
    • Example - there are already files named "File_1.jpg" through "File_100.jpg" in the library. If a person sets the uplink file rename to start at "File_1.jpg", the upload would start renaming the files at "File_101.jpg".
  • If a user uploads the same assets twice in the same uplink, they won't be counted as duplicates and will be renamed as unique assets.
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