In-App Notifications

Perrie Schad -

Globaledit includes a notifications feature designed to increase user connectivity and collaboration.


You will receive a notification for any of the following activities:

  • A new job or folder has been shared / assigned to you
  • A lightbox has been shared with you
  • An approval gallery has been shared with you
  • A lightbox / approval gallery is about to expire in 24 hours (both sender and recipient will be notified)
  • A lightbox / approval gallery has expired (both sender and recipient will be notified)
  • Asset(s) have been added/removed from a lightbox
  • A lightbox comment is created
  • A folder or job has expired
  • Another user @mentioned you in asset notes

A notification will appear to the left of your name in the form of a numbered orange circle.

Click on the circle to see most recent notifications. Clicking on these notifications will bring you to that place in the library.

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