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Perrie Schad -

 All asset ratings (except flags) are global and consistent across the Asset Library, Lightboxes, and Approval Galleries for all users.

For example, rating an image "Select" would rate this image as "Select" for all users in all locations where this asset appears.

The exception to these global ratings are Flags. Flags are private (user-specific) and not viewable by other users.

Asset Ratings are a way to communicate asset value. They provide a systematic way to rate assets by quality.




Each team should clearly define what each rating means as personal interpretations can vary. That being said, the standard interpretations are as follows:

  • Select - Usually indicates a primary selection. Mark select by clicking the Select button or by pressing S on your keyboard.
  • Alt - Usually an alternative or secondary selection. Mark alt by clicking the Alt button or by pressing A on your keyboard.
  • Approve - Usually a green-light for use. Assets may be approved through the library or through approval galleries. Mark approve by clicking the Approve button or by pressing Y on your keyboard.
  • Kill - Usually an indication that the asset is Asset is killed by user. Assets may be killed through the library or through approval galleries. Mark kill by clicking the Kill button or by pressing X on your keyboard.


  • Color Labels - Assign unique meaning to color labels to help you organize and make secondary ratings. Keyboard command SHIFT + 1-5 will assign color labels.


  • Stars - Mark stars by clicking the star buttons or by pressing 0 - 5 on your keyboard.
  • Flags - are private ratings only viewable by you - press F on your keyboard
  • Finalize -  an asset has reached its last phase of the workflow. To finalize an asset, go to Options > Finalize


Ratings can be changed for single or multiple assets. To select multiple assets, press the CTRL/Command key and click each asset that you wish to add to your group selection. To select all assets, press CTRL/Command + A.



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