XMP Sidecar

Perrie Schad -

If you enter metadata using globaledit, an .XMP sidecar option is available to export along with the raw files. 

The .xmp file will be able to be downloaded from any asset.

  • Globaledit will automatically create .xmp sidecar files based on the metadata in globaledit that users can download. This is useful because sometimes a user will bring low res jpegs into globaledit and make their selects and then add metadata. Once they get a smaller subset of selects, they will want to pull the information out of globaledit and associate it with their high res files outside of the platform.  
  • Select the assets you wish to download and the download dialogue box that pops up will include the XMP sidecar option to select. The sidecar file will comprise of the most up to date metadata included in globaledit, as the file will be generated when a user downloads it.


You can also ingest metadata using XMP Sidecar files. 

In the upload dialogue under Metadata you have the option to "Upload Xmp Files." You can pair xmp files to their appropriate source file by upload all of the XMP Sidecar files. If you only upload one XMP file the metadata from the one file will append to all of the assets! 



All of the metadata will be available immediately after the images have been processed. 

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