Metadata in globaledit

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Metadata Ingestion

Globaledit reads all standard XMP metadata during ingestion. If you have created a custom metadata schema in globaledit and have XMP metadata entered in that schema, it will also be read during ingestion.

Metadata Editor

Globaledit includes a robust metadata editor. To view and edit metadata, select the Metadata Editor from the library tools. Select a metadata schema from the drop down menu. Any metadata saved with the Metadata editor will be stamped on the asset when downloaded.



The Metadata Editor has several options:

  • Undo Save - Undo the last metadata saved.
  • Copy Current Record... - Select metadata fields to copy from current asset.
  • Paste - Paste the data copied using the Copy Current Record command
  • Show Last Update - Show the most recently updated fields, by who and when.
  • Export metadata from current collection - see below
  • Warn me about unsaved changes - Leaving the Metadata Editor without saving changes will prompt you to save your changes.

Metadata Report

Metadata can be exported in .CSV format for a single asset or a group of assets. Select the asset(s) for which you would like to export metadata. Click options in the Metadata Editor and select Export metadata from current collection.


Batch Editing Metadata

To add metadata values to multiple files, first select all of the files that you would like to append the data to. 

In the Metadata Editor you will see all of the metadata values that the files hace in common, or if they hold different values GLOBALedit will indicate that with "<multiple values>".

You can type in your new values into any of the fields and click Save in order to add the new values to all of the chosen files. Likewise you can delete any values you'd like removed from the files and they will be removed upon saving.

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