File and Folder Naming

Perrie Schad -

Though you can upload almost any file and folder structure into globaledit, there are a few restrictions that tie into general practice for digital photo workflow:

  • Avoid very long names.

Most systems limit to 256 characters or less. We allow up to 258 characters. This is inclusive of the folder path.

  • Avoid the following characters in your file and folder naming:

/  \  "  :  '  ?  >  <  ^ &  *  |  ,  ;  {  }  (  )  #  @  !

These can cause file transfers within globaledit to fail, and are generally confusing for most photo or file-based software. We also recommend not adding symbols such as © ® § ¢ £ ™ to file or folder name.

  • Avoid spaces at end of file or folder names.

ok Filename.jpg

not ok Filename  .jpg

ok "Folder Name"

not ok "Folder Name  "

Having a space at the end of a folder within your folder path or at the end of a file within your upload can cause Aspera to skip these items and disrupt the remaining upload. If you receive an error message of a failed transfer, upload fail, or illegal character check your directory for the above characters or spaces. Once located, remove them and try the transfer again with the renamed files or folders. Be sure to check the folder names of your entire path; ex. My Computer > Job > Folder > Files

  • Number files in sequential order.

Globaledit sorts by the leading number in your counter. This means that you should name your files based on a sequential numbering system (ie: 00000, 00001, 00002, etc.) in order for files to appear chronologically. If you do not use leading 0's your files will sort like this. (1, 10, 100, 2, 20, 200, 3, 30, 300, etc.)


When appending derivates, the filename must be the same as the Source File in order to sync.
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