Exploring the Interface

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Globaledit is arranged in four adjustable panels that can be resized to better fit your workflow.


Job Panel

Located in the upper left panel of the Library, this is where you will find the Job Panel (Folders). Use the carets to navigate through the Accounts / Jobs / Folders you've been assigned.



Located in the lower left panel of the Library, this is where you will find Lightboxes. Here you can view private and shared Lightboxes. Lightboxes are collections of images curated from assets found in Jobs, like a playlist.


Viewing Panel

Located in the center of your Library, this panel is where you can view assets, make ratings, run searches as well as filter and sort. The viewing panel displays the assets depending on the folder or Lightbox highlighted in your Job / Lightbox Panel. Assets can be viewed in One-Up, Two-Up, Grid, or List View.


Tools Panel

This panel is your main control hub. Here you can view Asset Notes which give you time-stamped information about when assets were uploaded, who made ratings and what notes were made, all in one place. Lightbox Comments will display any public comments made in a Lightbox. Contact Sheets gives you the ability to generate contact sheets for print directly from a Lightbox. Markup Editor allows you to Markup Images using full color palette pen markups and call-out text annotations or conduct Frame-Accurate Commenting on Video files. Metadata Editor allows you to view and edit asset metadata. Derivatives allow you to view, download and delete appended files attached to the original source files. Asset Rights allows you to restrict assets on specific days and determine the restriction level as well as enable watermarking.


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