Customizing Your Library View

Perrie Schad -

Everyone works a little bit differently. For full flexibility, globaledit allows you to customize the layout of your workspace. All four side panels of the application can be hidden or dragged to give you the exact view you want. 

For example, if you don't need to access the Tools Panel when you are working, you can collapse the entire panel by clicking the white arrow on the right side of the browser window.

This will free up your screen real estate and allow you to fit more images in your workspace. Clicking this arrow a second time will expand the panel back open.

Likewise, you can slide to adjust the width and height of each panel to better suit your personal workspace preference. This custom workspace layout will remain the same when you log out and log back in at a later time.

Utilize these shortcuts to quickly Hide or Restore all panels for a simplified viewing experience. 

Hide All Panels Command + Up
Restore Panels Command + Down

With a quick hover over the collapsible menu, you can pull up the menu bars, navigate through assets and options, and then drag your mouse away to return to the original view!





Once you’ve expanded, roll your mouse over the white arrows circled here to adjust your view.

If you ever want to reset your workspace back to the way it was when you first logged in, click Settings, Reset UI, and then click OK. This will log you out and reset the workspace back to its default setting.


Globaledit's Super Zoom feature increases image resolution and browsing speed. Additionally, the Super Zoom feature is integrated within the main interface allowing for review of larger images.



The SuperZoom tool is located in the UI in the One Up and Two Up viewing options.

Once you select an asset, you can then select the SuperZoom tool to view in greater detail the area highlighted by the viewing box. Additionally, you are provided with a slider to increase/decrease zoom as well as a Fit button to bring the full image back into view. The hand tool enables you to move the image around.


You can also access your zoom tools through the Right Click Menu. 


Zoom Navigation

Use the zoom navigation window at the upper left corner of the panel to move around the image. 


To zoom in on a precise area, hold down the mouse then click-and-drag over the area to zoom. 


Updates and Improvements

Recent updates to our front end ensures the hand and zoom functionality load and work in one-up, two-up, and large preview mode without the need to be in the preview window in the top left. 

Tip: When using zoom tool, you can click and hold the spacebar to activate the hand tool and move the area of the image in focus:


We've also added the ability to load the tool you used the last time you logged in. This will help users who are usually using one specific tool, such as the Markup Editor and the Metadata Editor often. Now, when they login to globaledit, the system will pre-load the tool that was used the last time they were logged in:



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