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User's can be granted specific Library Permissions or Roles. The permissions associated with each user role will affect how you use globaledit.

A user's permissions are defined in their User Profile and their User Role is defined per Job Assignment. 

For example, a user can be assigned a Normal Role which would allow users to modify ratings, in one Job Folder and a View Only role in another. So a single user can have access to various locations in the Library with varying roles. This can be controlled in the Admin / Assignments page.

Here are the most common:

  • NORMAL – view all assets and modify all ratings
  • IMAGES ONLY – can view all assets but cannot modify ratings
  • UNKILLED ONLY – can only view UNKILLED assets and cannot modify ratings
  • ADD NEW ROLE – create a custom role catered to any user (Admin / Account / "Account Name" / Roles)

There are a series of standard roles that come with your account, but you can also create custom roles in the Admin / Account / "Account Name" / Roles page.


Unlike Roles -  User, Management & Library Tools / Permissions are blanket across all assignments in the Library. These permissions include but are not limited to:

Editing MetadataEditsLightboxesDownloadsContact SheetsReport Viewing; UplinksCreating, Moving, Deleting and Renaming Assets/Folders/Jobs.

If you encounter a limitation when using globaledit, please check in with your Account Admin to request a change in permissions.


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