Getting Started on iOS

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Download the iPad/iPhone App here.

Logging In

  • Log in with your globaledit username/password.
  • Contact your globaledit administrator if you need help remembering.
  • Lost your password? You can retrieve that by visiting


Viewing Job Folders

  • Tap on a folder to view.

  • The images will automatically download to your device for faster viewing and zoom preferences.

  • Use grid view when you want a wide view of a collection. Select multiple assets to rate or comment on all at once. Slide finger to select multiple assets. Keep in mind, that if you switch to one-up mode that removes your highlighted selections.


Make Ratings and Comments

  • Tap the ratings button (a star) in the bottom right corner.

  • To comment, tap the Add Notes button and write your comment.
  • To maximize the view, tap the image. This will hide the filmstrip of assets at the bottom. Tap again to return.
  • To copy a filename, tap and hold the filename at the top of the page.

View Asset Notes

With asset notes you can view the entire file history of that asset in globaledit. Track important milestones, like when it was uploaded, ratings, comments, notes and more.


Collaborate and edit from your mobile device using lightboxes. Add or remove assets to an existing lightbox collection from any job or lightbox. You can also create a new lightbox from the add to lightbox screen. 

View Galleries

  • Tap on a Gallery to view.
  • The Gallery will automatically download to your device.

*Tip* from the main gallery view, tap and hold on the gallery thumbnail to download the entire gallery to your device. The orange bar across the top of the gallery indicates download progress.

Settings and Logging Out

The Settings options include the following:
  • Change Password
  • Change Email
  • Privacy & Terms
  • Support links (this page)

Log Out is located underneath the link to SettingsThis will clear all images and data stored on the device.

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