Uploading and Downloading without Aspera

Phil Moy -

Sometimes if you have limited or wavering internet connection, or are using a network that blocks applications such as Aspera, it can cause the Aspera transfer to time out and not finish uploading or downloading files to/from GLOBALedit. You can still upload/download files without using the Aspera Connect plug-in. In order to do this you must uninstall the Aspera Connect application and reset your browser. Now you will be able to upload/download without needing to access the Aspera.

Note: You will not be able to select a folder to upload. You will have to create the folder in GLOBALedit and then select the files you want to upload. Upload speeds will also be slower compared to using the Aspera plug-in. When you are downloading, it will download as a .zip file and has limited bulk and file size capabilities.


For more information on Aspera:

High Speed File Transfer Using the Aspera Connect Plug-In


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