Managing User Groups

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Click ADMIN > USER GROUPS. Here you can create custom groups of users. A User Group is a collection of users in an account that can be assigned to a job. For example: You might have a team of Art Directors or Photo Editors that need access to a job all at once. Instead of assigning each user to the job, you can save time by creating a user group, and assign the group to the job.

  • You can add and remove users from these groups at any time.


Click ADMIN > USER GROUPS > select the account you would like the User Group to be a part of and click ADD NEW USER GROUP. Give your User Group a name that defines the users in that group, (ex. Art Directors, Editors) or anything you can easily remember and refer to.

Next click the ADD USER button > select a User from the dropdown and what their role will be when they are assigned to jobs. By default, the role selected is the same as their initial user permissions. To add this user to the group, select OK to finish. Repeat these steps to add multiple users.


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