Creating and Managing Custom Metadata Schemas

Perrie Schad -


You can create a custom metadata schema that works for your images. You can access this in your admin section. ADMIN > METADATA > ADD NEW CUSTOM SCHEMA 

Fill in the requested fields:

    • Schema Name - how it will appear in the Metadata Schema drop-down menu in the Metadata Editor.
    • URL - does not have to be a registered URL, used by external applications to read the XMP metadata
    • Prefix - 2-3 letters that describe the schema, used by external applications to read the XMP metadata.
    • Choose the Account Group and/or Account to make the schema available to its users. If an account is not specified, it will be available for the entire account group.

Each row refers to a field in the schema.

    • The Label is how the user will see the field.
      • Checkbox – option to check or uncheck
      • Combo Box – option to choose from predefined list of entries
      • Date Picker – option to pick date from calendar
      • Text Area – field to input multiple lines of text
      • Text Input – field to input single line of text
      • Text list - fields to input multiple lines of text
      • Choose the Widget type to specify the input type.
        • TextListBagArray/ TextListSequentialArraySaves a combination of keywords you have entered in the particular order they were entered.
      • Static Text – un-editable text to be stamped on each image
      • Multiple Search Selection - allows you to enter previously determined values; introduces the ability to add more than one tag and selectively remove tags
      • Hit Save once you are finished. 

You can edit these schemas at any time by selecting ADMIN > METADATA > selecting a metadata name from the list and editing the properties of the schema and hitting Save. Any fields left blank will be excluded.


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