Managing Asset Requests

Perrie Schad -

You can manage all asset requests by going to Manage > Asset Requests. This is where you can view pending, approved and denied requests if you are an asset rights manager.

Asset Rights Managers are responsible for approving or denying an Asset Restricted User's request to download an image.

You can deny or approve requests. If you approve a request, you can specify an expiration date.


You can also include comments regarding the approval or denial of an asset.
  • Example - "Yes, but..." or "Your request has been denied because ...".
When you have approved or denied in bulk, your message will apply to all selected requests.

The file path of the requested asset are included within the asset rights request page, so you can clarify and locate the asset in question.



Managing Multiple Asset Rights Requests

To Approve or Deny in bulk - simply checkmark all assets you want to approve or deny at once. globaledit will send a single email message to each of your recipients, cutting down on email clutter.


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