Uplink Shortcuts

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Use one-click Uplinks when you need to quickly grant an individual access to upload into your account. Uplinks are simple upload portals that you can set up for a photographer or tech (for example) to upload directly into your account.

To begin, create the job folder or select an existing library location. Go to Options and select Create Uplink:


Enter the name of the uploader (if they are a system user), or an email address (if they are a guest user).


By default, one-click Uplinks will have no expiration date, will not require users to enter metadata, and will not force a file naming convention.

You can still access customized permissions by clicking "Customize Uplink", which takes you to a page where you can setup metadata requirements, change the name of the uplink, force a file naming convention, add CC recipients, or write a custom message.

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