Moving Multiple Folders / Lightboxes

globaledit Support -

Move multiple folders at once!

globaledit users now have the ability to multi select and move folders within their Job Library – or select multiple Lightboxes and efficiently rearrange their Lightbox panel.

Previously moving folders in globaledit required a user to move only one folder at a time.  Now you can select multiple folders at once!



Select multiple folders in a row by selecting a folder and shift clicking the top or bottom most desired folder.

To select multiple non sequential folders, select each desired folder one by one using command click or using a combination of both shift click and command click methods!




Simply drag and drop designated folders to their desired location.




The system will always prompt you to confirm this movement in order to prevent user error.




This feature allows you to quickly modify your existing folder structure! In this case the selected folders were dragged into a collapsible parent folder.






You can select and move mutliple lightboxes the same way.



Drag and drop Lightboxes and reorganize your panel. 



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