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Markup Editor allows you to add markups, comments and call-out text annotations on both Web and iOS platforms. You can e-mail a PDF of these markups for editing, retouching, and layout purposes. [Click here to learn more about iOS Markup.]


All preview-able image file formats, and: In Design, PDF, Multipage PDF, and Illustrator files.

To begin - Select the Markup Editor from the drop-down menu.



The Markup Editor TOOLBAR is located on the LEFT side of the viewing panel.

See all Markup LAYERS sequentially listed in the RIGHT panel.




Marks are made with the Pen (P) or Shape (C) tool.


Pen tool allows you to freehand your marks.


Shapes (ellipses and rectangles) provide increased marking precision. For instance, use a square to define a desired crop or an ellipse to quickly highlight blemishes.


Adjust mark width with the Stroke Width Bar ( [ or ] )  


Pick a Color to customize your mark.  


Call Out Notes (T) are not tied to any marks and are useful for more general instruction. For instance; Darken Backdrop, Minus Red, Add Curve, etc. 


Using Select / Move (A) tool, select an existing mark and reposition, adjust color and width, or delete selected marks.


Utilize Undo (command Z) to reverse previous actions or Trash (delete) to delete existing marks. Once you select a different image or navigate away from the Markup Editor, the Undo History will be reset.



All Markup Layers can consist of a comment and marks. 

When an initial mark is made, a text box appears to input a comment. That comment will apply to all marks made on that layer allowing a single instruction to be delegated to multiple marks on an image.

  • Select Add Markup (N) to quickly create a New Markup Layer and write a New Comment.
  • Comments can be changed in the Text Box on the image or in the Layer text field to the right.
  • Hover over a Layer to see only Marks made on that Layer.
  • Hover over any Marks to identify the Layer.
  • Use the Eye Icon to the right of each Layer to activate and deactivate individual Layers.



Fly through markups like never before with our Markup Editor keyboard shortcuts.

  • Select/Move (A)
  • Pen (P)
  • Circle (C)
  • Square
  • Callout (T)
  • Color
  • Increase stroke width ( ] )
  • Decrease stroke width ( [ )
  • Undo (cmd/ctrl + Z)
  • Delete selected marks (delete/backspace)
  • Create new markup layer (N)



The Markup PDF has been improved to include a full page summary as well as detail pages that break out each individual markup layer and comment for further clarity. As always, Markups PDFs can be e-mailed directly from the system.





  1. Select Tool – Pen (P) , Shape (C)
  2. Make a Mark and apply a Comment (this Mark will automatically create the first Markup Layer)
  3. Make any additional Marks - initial Comment will apply to all Marks
  4. To make new Marks with a different Comment add a New Markup Layer (N)
  5. Repeat Steps 1 through 3
  6. At any point you can make additional Marks on existing Layers or adjust Color, Width or Content of existing Marks and Comments by selecting the layer you want to work with.
  7. When an Image Markup is complete select E-mail Markup PDF to send to desired recipient.
  8. Download a Markup PDF by going to your Download Detail button and selecting the PDF option.
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