iOS Markup Editor

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Markup Editor allows you to add markups, comments and call-out text annotations on both web and iOS platforms


Press the pen icon in the bottom toolbar to enter the Markup Editor. With Markup Editor activated, swiping through images will reveal the current markups on an image. To exit markup editor, tap “Done” in the upper left corner.

To view Markup Layers, select the bottom left-most layers icon to open a pop-up window of all the layers. If there are many layers, you may need to scroll down to see more. Tapping a layer will show the markups for only that layer. Tap the icon again to hide the markup layers.

Making a Markup

  • Tap the pen tool in the toolbox and choose your desired tool
  • Adjust the width and color of your brush to customize the markup
  • Add the mark to the image
  • Add a comment to image (optional)
  • Tap save in the upper-right corner to save the markup layer


  • Pinch to zoom in/out of an image. Use two fingers to pan around the image. Use one finger to swipe between different images in the collection.
  • Tap the pen icon to quickly create a new Markup Layer and tap the Text Box to write a new Comment.
  • The Text Box can be hidden and revealed by tapping the comments box.
  • Marks are made with the Pen or Shape tool. These tools can be activated by tapping the pen icon in the toolbar. 
  • Adjust mark width and change color by tapping the red dot in the bottom right corner.
  • Utilize Undo to remove marks or Redo to return marks made during that markup session or Trash to delete existing marks.
  • To save a Markup Layer tap “Save” in the upper right corner or tap “Cancel” in the upper left corner to disregard Markup Layer progress.

Tools and Functionality

All Markup Layers can consist of a comment and multiple marks.

A Text Box appears when an initial mark is made to instantly apply a Comment. That Comment will then apply to all marks on that layer allowing a single instruction to be delegated to multiple marks.

Comments can be changed in the Text Box on the image. To change a comment on a different layer, tap the layer from the Markup Layers pop-up window. Once a layer is chosen, a Comment can be changed in the Text Box on the image.

The Pen tool allows you to freehand your marks, while Shapes (circles and squares) provide increased marking precision. For example, use a square to define a desired crop or an ellipse to quickly highlight blemishes.

Call Out Notes are not tied to any marks and are useful for more general instruction. For instance; Darken Backdrop, Minus Red, Add Curve, etc. To activate Call Out Notes tap the pen icon and choose the third icon down; the call-out note.

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