Using globaledit desktop

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globaledit Desktop automatically uploads from your mac to your globaledit account - providing a low effort solution to uploading digital assets.

The application is easy to install on any mac. 

  • Launch / Login
  • Setup a Connection
  • Add Files
  • Manage / Track your Upload



Open globaledit desktop, login using your globaledit Username and Password. Check Remember Login to easily reopen for future use.



Once logged in, an Add Connection window will prompt you to create a connection between your computer and globaledit. 


  1. Select a Hot Folder - Any assets placed in this local source folder will be uploaded to the designated globaledit destination
  2. Select your globaledit Destination - Navigate between the same accounts, jobs, and folders accessible to you in globaledit
  3. Specify a list of folders, filenames, or extensions for globaledit desktop to Ignore - These specified file types and file/folder names will be excluded from your upload, even if they end up in your Hot Folder. [ for example: test_01, Trash, Capture, .cr2, .xmp ]
  4. Save to activate connection. Close Connection to disconnect. 



Existing Assets in your Hot Folder?

No problem - when you Add Connection you can choose to ignore or upload any existing files in your Hot Folder.

  • Upload: All existing content will upload to globaledit. 
  • Ignore: Only new content placed in that folder will be uploaded. Even if you pause and resume an upload, that ignored content will remain unsynced. 

Adding to Hot Folder

Drag and drop - copy and paste - or export files and/or folders into your Hot Folder.

As long as a connection is in place, globaledit desktop will detect new content and automate an upload to your globaledit destination.

 The revolving icon, at the top of your screen, indicates that an upload is actively taking place.

Selecting the revolving icon will display live updates on the current upload as well as a menu bar with various management options. 




What is a Connection?

A Connection is the path set between a local source and a globaledit destination. 

Manage / Create 

If you have no connection established ADD CONNECTION will open the connection window to set your Hot Folder and globaledit destination.

To adjust/view your existing connection select the current connection displayed in BOLD


Sync Status

READY TO SYNC: Your connection is established

NOT SYNCING: No Connection currently established

SYNCING: Actively Uploading – View the File Count and Estimated Remaining Time

SYNC COMPLETE: No additional content in Hot Folder available to be synced

SYNC PAUSED: Connection is paused. Resume Syncing to re-activate

Pause / Resume

At anytime Pause or Resume your syncing, to halt a current upload.

View Upload Status

Displays a list of individual assets in queue, currently uploading, or already uploaded. In this window you can monitor live uploads and view the upload history of that session.



Login Info

Will launch the login window where you can view the existing user logged in or choose to logout.

Check for Updates

To confirm you are using the most up to date version of globaledit desktop. 


Will direct you to our support site for more information 

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