Video Commenting

Perrie Schad -

FRAME ACCURATE VIDEO COMMENTING allows you to provide precise video feedback to your team with frame accurate comments recorded at the video's timecode. This is done through the Markup Editor. Video Commenting can be accessed via the web or on the iOS app.

TO BEGIN - Select the video on which you would like to make frame accurate comments. With the video selected, choose Markup Editor from the drop-down menu on the RIGHT.



The Video Commenting Toolbar is located UNDERNEATH playback of the video. Previous comments that have been submitted can be seen on the RIGHT.



COMMENT BOX: At any point while a video is in playback, starting to type will automatically pause the video at the timecode you are viewing. You can view the comment you are typing in the comment box. Click SUBMIT or press enter, and the comment will be added to the list on the RIGHT. This list is displayed in order of descending timecode.

Once you have hit enter, the video should resume playback automatically. To resume the video otherwise, click the PLAY button or use the SPACEBAR.

TIMECODE: A timecode can also be entered manually on the LEFT by clicking on the timecode. Press enter to seek to that time.

COMMENT REVIEW: Clicking on an orange hash in the video playback bar will start playback one second before the comment, and stop at the time, displaying the comment when you hover over it with your mouse.

Clicking on the comment under the Markup Editor panel on the RIGHT will do the same.



You can export a PDF file of all video comments (including timecode, frame grab, and comment) and email it to your collaborators. Select "Email Markup" at the bottom RIGHT to export and send the file.

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