2-Step Verification

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globaledit now offers 2-Step Verification to enhance the security of your library.

Instead of relying on one security checkpoint - enforce two!

2-step verification combines information you know (your password) with something you have (your device), helping ensure that only the appropriate devices gain access.

After entering their password, users receive a unique, one-time code by SMS or Email. Only after inputting their password and this code, can they access the Library.



Contact your globaledit account manager to activate 2-Step Verification in your account group.

Once activated on the Account Group level, admins can turn the feature on/off for specific accounts (if more than one). 

Please note: requiring 2-Step Verification enforces all users in that account to follow this login procedure - including admins.

To enable or disable the feature, navigate to Admin > Accounts > Security > 2-Step Verification.

Because users are authorized to remember certain devices - admins can set the max amount of days a device can be remembered. Once a device resets, that user is prompted to enter a new verification code. If left unset, this value defaults to 90 days.



Immediately after activating 2-Step Verification, users will be prompted to enter a verification code. By default, this verification code is emailed to the address associated with that globaledit login.

Enter the received code on your computer or iOS device.

Select “Remember this computer” or “Remember this device” to bypass this step for future logins.

To ensure security - leave this box unchecked if you are not using a personal device.

  • (The next time you log in here you will have to enter a new code.)

Press Verify to log in and access globaledit.

If you remember a device, a confirmation email will be sent verifying your New Trusted Device. Once logged in you can revoke active devices in your user settings window.



Selecting the username in the top right of the Library prompts the user Settings window to open.

Here, users can view their active devices and determine how they receive their verification code.

In Account Information users can dictate whether they receive this code by Email or SMS. 

Email will automatically use the address associated with that user. SMS will prompt users to enter their mobile phone number.

From the Settings window users can also view and revoke active devices by selecting Security at the bottom of the Settings window.

A list of all currently “remembered” devices will appear. Here, users can view details on all active devices and selectively revoke or revoke all.

Admins can also view and revoke other’s devices at any time by navigating to Admin > User > User profile.

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