June 2015 release - Multi-page PDF markup support

Tommy Lionelli -

The latest release of globaledit focused on performance, security, and adding a few powerful functionalities to help you gain more control over your creative production.

These features and improvements are now live in your account:

  • Markup Editor now supports PDFs: You can now markup layouts or any multi-page PDF!
  • 'Smart Search' now has additional fields: Find assets that were rated, marked-up, or uploaded by a certain user and/or during a specific time frame. 
  • Image load time improved: We've reduced image load time for galleries and lightboxes throughout the world. 
  • iPhone & iPad app: Share photo and video markups directly from the globaledit iPhone or iPad app. 
  • Idle time session expiration: Admins can determine the time that will log users out of their account after a period of inactivity. 

If you have any questions about these new features, please contact our client services team.

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