August 2015 Release - Uplink for guests

Tommy Lionelli -

You can upload, sort, and approve images in a range of new and better ways in the just-released versions of globaledit in your browser and on iOS. Here’s what’s new and improved:

  • NEW: Images can now be uploaded directly from your iPhone or iPad
  • NEW: HTML5 Approval Galleries that make it possible for users to review and approve images in mobile browsers
  • NEW: The iOS app now allows you to sort assets by ratings, flags, and date
  • NEW: Invited guests can now upload content without the need for their own globaledit account
  • IMPROVED: Big speed improvements particularly when you move files between folders or jobs
  • Other bug fixes & speed improvements


New: Upload images directly from your iPhone

Images from your iOS camera roll can now be uploaded via the globaledit app. If you’re out and find a great inspiration or template, you can send it directly to globaledit. Any images you upload can be rated, commented on, marked up, and shared just like any other asset. This makes it easy to stay in sync with your team – regardless of whether they’re on location or at the office.

To upload images on iOS:

  • Navigate to a job
  • Click on the globaledit logo in the middle of the menu strip
  • Click upload and select your images from the camera roll


New: Mobile Approval Galleries

Galleries can now be sent in a mobile-web friendly format, making it easier for Android users or iOS users who have not installed the globaledit app to review and approve images. This keeps your process moving and your talent happy.


New: Uplink for guests

Uploading files into globaledit no longer requires a globaledit account (login). You can send an email invitation to anyone that will enable them to upload images into your account. This makes it easier to work with photographers, vendors, and other collaborators who need to supply photographs or videos to your workflow.


NEW: Sort assets in iOS

You can now sort and filter though your assets on iOS. If you have a large library, you won’t have to scroll through long lists of assets looking for that perfect image.


NEW: Asset Management faster

Moving large quantities of assets between folders in globaledit would sometimes take a while... Now file copies between folders and jobs happen instantaneously. You can move files the same way as before - it just happens much faster now.


Fixed: Some little bugs

  • A subset of CSV reports had incorrect values
  • An error in the shutter speed metadata when an asset is downloaded
  • Failures uploading files >2.5GB via Desktop
  • Application typos


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