May 2015 release 2 - Session expiration

Tommy Lionelli -

This release includes a feature that will help ensure that your sensitive content stays protected and safe.  We’ve built a feature that allows admins to determine when to log users out of globaledit based on inactivity.
After an account admin sets the threshold, say 15 minutes, users within that account that have not used globaledit for 15 minutes will be automatically logged out and forced to log back in.  This will help ensure that if someone steps away from their computer, that sensitive content isn’t left up for someone to see or ‘steal’.
Admins can access this feature within the security section of their account.  After enabling ‘session expiration’ users can set the threshold for inactivity.  
  • FAQ
    • Will the set time for session time out log me out of iOS? Yes.
    • Will the set time for session time out log me out of globaledit desktop? No.
    • How do you define inactivity? Inactivity is when a user does NOT click or key down.
    • What if a user is uploading? If a user is uploading via http, that counts as activity and will not kick a user out if their upload takes more than the set session expiration. If a user is uploading via aspera, that does NOT count as activity and will kick a user out if there is not clicks or keydowns (the upload will continue, though).
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