November 2015 Web Release Notes - Workflows and Mobile Lightboxes

Brian Stuckey -

We released an update this morning to the globaledit platform and want to share some some of the changes. Among the most exciting new features are mobile-friendly lightboxes to make quickly sharing images faster and a new capability we’re calling ‘Workflows’.


  • NEW: Workflows
  • IMPROVED: Folder downloads
  • NEW: Mobile light boxes
  • FIX: Lots of bugs

Notable Bugs:

  • Improvements to how Advanced Search handles non-English languages
  • Fixed an bug preventing iPads from adding comments to mobile lightboxes and galleries
  • Improvements to stability & performance
  • 23 Fixes in total

NEW: Workflows

We’re excited to roll out the first of our new workflow tools. Workflows simplify common tasks to help you work faster. Workflows are simple “If ___ then do ____” style tasks. For example, “If David rates an asset as a select, THEN place it in lightbox named ‘David’s Selects.” You can share this lightbox with anyone and as new images are marked, they will automatically appear in the lightbox for everyone to see.

The first two workflow tools that we are rolling out our are:

  • Save rated assets to lightboxes
  • Save marked-up assets to lightboxes

These two tools are designed to keep your creative operations process moving. With these tools, assets that are selected by your creative director, for example, are automatically added to your lightbox that you’ve already shared with everyone else. Likewise, assets that have markups added to them can automatically be shared with the retouching team.


IMPROVED: Download jobs and folders and retain your folder structure

When you download a folder or a job, we now recreate your folder structure in the ZIP file. This allows you to preserve your file structure and file locations even after you move them out of the globaledit platform. Your derivatives are stored in separate folders you can keep everything perfectly organized.


NEW: Mobile Friendly Lightbox

You’ve always been able to share lightboxes with guests, but in the past those guests had to have our iOS app to view the lightboxes on iPhones or iPads. Now these users can simply click the emailed link and view the lightbox in their mobile browser. This enhancement makes getting approval or feedback from anyone lightening fast.

Note that when guests open links on the desktop they still get an optimized version of globaledit in their desktop browser. The new functionality change only impacts users when on mobile phones or tablets.


FIXED: Lots of small bug fixes

  • General performance, usability, and error handling improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where advances search would act unpredictably if the user searched for a non-Latin character
  • Fixed a bug where certain characters would halt exports
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