November 2015 iOS release

Brian Stuckey -

We released a new update to our iOS app this morning and users on iOS 9 with iPads and devices with 3D touch will appreciate the new touches. Additionally, we've made it easy to share lightboxes right from within the application to make collaborating easier.

  • New: Share lightboxes from within the iOS app
  • New: Support for 3D Touch
  • New: Support for split screen
  • Enhanced: Intercom integration

NEW: Share Lightboxes
You can now share lightboxes right from your iPhone and skip the main application. To share a lightbox, tap on a lightbox and click “share lightbox.” Enter in your recipients, select your permissions, and click share. We support the most common sharing permissions: download restrictions, rating restrictions, and collaboration restrictions.

NEW: 3D Touch
Next- we’ve added support for Apple’s 3D Touch. If you have a new iOS device, you can hard-press on an image and see the full resolution version without having to navigate into a lightbox. This allows you to quickly look through images and improves the overall browsing experience.

NEW: Split screen
In addition to 3D Touch, we now support the split screen view on iOS. This intelligently lays out the interface to support globaledit side-by-side with other applications.

ENHANCED: Intercom Integration
Lastly, we have enhanced our Intercom integration. Intercom is a messaging service we use to publish notices and to communicate directly with users. Now, you can use the service to chat with our support. To message us, click on Settings > More. There is a new option to “Contact globaledit” that will message our support department.

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