iOS Video and Commenting

Perrie Schad -

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Introducing HD video streaming to your mobile device!


Enjoy the added quality of high definition videos. 

All videos will stream at high definition 720p for all devices. The quality of these videos still varies according to your Internet speed. For instance, videos with a resolution:

  • above 720p will be downscaled to 720p
  • below 720p will be upscaled to 720p
  • odd resolutions of 500p, 860p, 999i, etc. will be appropriately letterboxed or pillarboxed

All videos that exceed the maximum bit rate will have 3 versions rendered at the same resolution (720p) with varying bitrates:

  • High - 720p 3.5mbps 
  • Medium - 720p 2mpbs 
  • Low - 720p 750kbps

iOS Frame Accurate Video Commenting

Select the Markup Editor Icon to access iOS Video Commenting. Touch Add Comment at any time to annotate. Just like on the web, all comments are displayed in order of descending timecode.


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