Asset Status

Perrie Schad -

Globaledit Users have the ability to track the status of their assets during an Approval Gallery lifecycle.

Admins and Gallery Managers can monitor which assets have been shared in an Approval Gallery and which have completed the necessary rounds of approval via the asset status icon or through their Asset Notes.


The 4 denotations of asset status are as follows:

  1. NO STATUS – asset has never been in an approval gallery
  2. PENDING – asset is currently in at least one active approval gallery (number is displayed to the right)
  3. NOT PENDING – asset was shared in approval galleries but none are active (completed or expired)
  4. FINALIZED – asset has been marked as finalized

Finalizing an image is a deliberate step you take once an asset has reached its last phase of the workflow. To finalize an asset, go to Options > Finalize.


Your asset notes will track the progress:


Easily isolate a specific status using Filters:


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