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What is Aspera Connect?

An easy-to-install web browser plug-in that powers high-speed uploads and downloads, compatible with most standard browsers.

High Speed File Transfer Using the Aspera Connect Plug-In

To utilize the high speed transfer you must download and install the Aspera Connect Plug-in. Please click on the following site and follow the installation instructions for your machine:

Download Aspera Connect

Additional: Version History for Aspera Connect [here]

The Aspera download page automatically detects your computer and operating system and presents you with the correct plug-in for your machine.

For a step-by-step installation instruction, please click here for Aspera Instructions for MAC or here for Aspera Instructions for Windows.


Additional Detail - 

Mac Installation

A. Upgrade from a Previous Version

If you have a previous version of Connect installed, close the Connect before executing the installer. Go to the following download page and download the Aspera Connect for your operating system:

To upgrade the Aspera Connect, close your web browsers (Safari and Firefox), double-click the downloaded installer, and follow the instructions to complete the process.

B. Fresh-Install Aspera Connect

If your computer doesn't have the Aspera Connect installed, point your browser to the Connect Server website that you will be transferring files with. Click on the Install Now or Download Aspera Connect page.

If it is a newer Connect Server, clicking the Install Now triggers the auto installation. When finished, refresh the page and the Aspera Connect should be installed.

If it is an older Connect Server, click Download Aspera Connect to go to the Aspera Connect download page (, and download the Aspera Connect for the version of your operating system. When downloaded, locate and double-click the installer, and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Depending on your user account, the Aspera Connect is installed to the following location:

  • Administrator
    Macintosh HD/Applications/Aspera Connect
  • Standard User
    Macintosh HD/Users/(Home directory)/Applications/Aspera Connect

Notice that when installing the Aspera Connect with an administrator account to the default location, all users on the computer can use the Aspera Connect. If you are using an administrator account and install the Aspera Connect on a non-default location, only the administrator can access it.


More Information

Click here for Aspera Connect - Advanced Configuration Instructions

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