September 2015 iOS Release - Filter from Grid View, Retina Displays

Brian Stuckey -

The globaledit iOS app has now been updated for use in iOS9 and iOS8. It is available for download in the Apple App Store. (iOS 7 users, see note below.)

There are several great new features and improvements in this release:

  • NEW: Support for larger 6Plus screen size.
  • NEW: Support for Retina Image Display
  • NEW: Filter support from grid view
  • IMPROVED: Improved image picker
  • IMPROVED: Image cropping
  • Other bug fixes

NEW: Larger Screen Support & Retina Displays

The globaledit app now supports the native resolution for the latest iPhones. This gives you pixel-perfect images and a tweaked UI to better take advantage of the increased space. All images now display at higher-resolutions for Retina displays.

NEW: Filter from Grid View

In the grid view you can now filter images using all of our standard tools. This helps you quickly sort thought thousands of photos to exactly the Selects, that are rated 5 stars, and colored red.

IMPROVED: Image Picker

We’ve made two big changes to the picker. First, there is now a single upload button to support both Video and Photo uploads. Second, you may now upload images from iCloud to globaledit. If you’ve moved lots of images to iCloud to save space, or want to upload a photo from year ago – you can now do so seamlessly as if they were an image stored right on your phone. Simply select the thumbnail you want imported into globaledit.

IMPROVED: Image Cropping

Photos in portrait mode are now cropped from the top-down. The previous method cropping from the center-out and sometime created sub-optimal results, particularly with images of people. The new cropping algorithm does a much better job creating natural looking images.

FIXED: Markup in Shared Lightboxes

There was a pesky bug that prevented some users from saving markups on iOS if the image was in a shared lightbox. This release fixes that problem.

Other Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Minor tweaks to user iOS 9 native SDK
  • io messages can now be closed

NOTE for users of iOS 7 or earlier

You can continue to download and run your existing version of globaledit for iOS. When you upgrade to the newest version of the operating system you will be able to download the current version with iOS9 support and the features listed above.


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