March 2016 - Aspera Speed Boost

Brian Stuckey -

We’re giving your uploads a big speed boost.

Aspera is already a lightening fast upload tool and on March 17th at 10 AM Eastern time, we’re increasing it to more than 4x its current speed. If you’re not familiar with it, Aspera is an optional tool for sending files to and from Globaledit. It powers our desktop uploader and is also available as a browser plugin. Both tools allow for faster uploads and downloads than are available using normal web uploads.

This will allow you to send files to / retrieve files from Globaledit faster and will speed up transfers. Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing to see this speed boost.

We will activate the new speed limits on March 17th. Any new browser upload/download connections after that will automatically go at the new speed. For the desktop uploader, the next time you start the application it will automatically connect at the higher speed. 



What do I need to do to get the higher speeds?

You don’t need to do anything to get the new speed increase. Your browser plugin and the desktop uploader will automatically connect at the new higher speed.


Will everyone benefit from the increase?

We are allowing users to consume a higher percentage of their Internet connection for uploads/downloads. If you are using a mobile connection, have poor wifi coverage, or other bottlenecks, you may not see the increase until you change networks.


What if my IT department throttled my Aspera connection already?

Our speed changes won’t override any limits placed by your IT connection. If they have set a lower speed, your computer will continue to respect that setting.


Is there anything else I should know?

If you’re on a slow internet connection, you may want to throttle your upload speed. Aspera is an aggressive file transfer tool by design. For some people, they may want to limit this. See this document for limiting your aspera speed.

If you use the desktop upload tool, please note that there is no way to limit its upload speed. It is designed to upload assets as fast as possible for shooting on set or bulk uploading.


Why are we making the change?

The transfers have typically been capped. This was done to prevent network problems on our client’s end. Technology is continuously improving and we are adjusting this limit.


What is the new speed limit?

The new upload cap is 200 Mbps. Please note, that your network, other internet traffic, and the distance between your connection and our servers may prevent you from seeing the full 200 Mbps.


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