April 2016 Release - NEW: Add crop marks to images

Brian Stuckey -

NEW: Specify Crop Marks
We just added support for one a common user request- the ability to specify crop marks on an image. This allows you to give your creative team explicit instructions on how to crop an image that is being worked on.

To get to the new feature, load the Markup Editor. You’ve always had the ability to draw rectangles on the screen. Now, you can specify the aspect ratio and and the tool will enforce the ratio when you’re drawing.

NEW: Project View
Lightbox groups can now be displayed in a project view. This new view allows you to quickly see the contents of all of the lightboxes within a lightbox group at once. This is ideal for a digital creative board, seeing content across channels, or other team displays.

IMPROVED: Cold Storage reporting
For users in our Beta Cold Storage program, we updated our reporting format to better match our billing structure.

IMPROVED: CC yourself when sending lightboxes
User can now elect to have a copy of a lightbox invitation to be sent to themselves when sharing content. This option is on the sharing lightbox page below the recipient's email address.

FIXED: Support for very large TIFFs
We have bolstered our image processing farm and now support previews for huge TIFF files. Prior to this change, users would simply get a “preview unavailable” notice.

FIXED: Subfolder assignments
If a user is assigned a folder to work on, any new subfolders that are added will automatically be granted to the assigned. (Previously, only the original subset of folders was shared, regardless of whether new folders were added.)

IMPROVED: System Stability
We’ve been making several changes to how we store data to ensure better application performance for all users.


Is the crop tool enabled for everyone?
Yes. It is enabled for all accounts

Does the crop tool modify images?
No. It only allows a user to specify the area that should be cropped.

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