New Lightbox Security Features

Theresa DellaBarca -

Globaledit has added extra measures to ensure lighbox sharing is as safe and secure as possible. Our latest features allow extra control and security around sending lightboxes to globaledit and non-globaledit users. 

Additional Lightbox Sharing Permissions

Globaledit Admins now have the ability to restrict users from sharing lightboxes with users outside of globaledit or outside of their globaledit Account Group. They will see this option in the User Tools section when adding a new user to the account:


From now on, when checking off a new user's lightbox permissions, selecting Allow Sharing with Guest Users will allow them to share with recipients outside of globaledit. If that box is not checked, the user will be limited to sharing with only users inside the Account Group. 

Lightbox Password Activation

In addition to the additional level of permissions, you can now require guest recipients to enter passwords when receiving a lightbox. If you would like this feature activated, please reach out to your globaledit Account Manager or


Once activated, ALL users outside of your globaledit account will need to register before viewing the lightbox. 


The user will receive a lightbox email as normal. Once they select the View from the email, they will be prompted to register: 



After they press register, they will receive a second email that will ask them to login and register:



Once their password is created, their registration will be complete and they can view lightboxes as normal:



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