How to Install globaledit LINK

Janine Joffe -

How to Install globaledit LINK:

1) Go to the link below and download the Mac or Windows version of the application


2) Once you have the application downloaded to your desktop, double click the dmg file and the globaledit LINK window will pop up

Instead of dragging and dropping the application icon into the Applications folder in the pop up window, open a new window in Finder and drag the globaledit LINK application icon into the User/ Applications folder as shown below             



globaledit LINK
will now appear in your User/ Applications folder and you are ready to launch the platform.

4) When you open up the Application, you will see the login window where
you enter in your username and password. Please click the checkbox to  ‘Use Aspera for high-speed upload and download’ 


5) Please download Aspera Connect version 3.9 via the link below.

If you already are running version 3.10, please remove it from your OS and install version 3.9.

You can check which version of Aspera you currently have installed by going through the following steps:

          1) Open up the application and click on the ‘IBM Aspera Connect’ dropdown menu on the top left corner

          2) Select the option ‘About IBM Aspera Connect’


In the pop-up window, version you are currently running will appear next to where it says 'Internal’ and ‘Release’ 


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