Why can’t I upload or download in globaledit LINK?

Janine Joffe -

1- Make sure you have Aspera launched prior to opening LINK as you will not be able to utilize the upload/download functions without it running in the background.

2- Make sure you have Aspera 3.9 enabled upon login.


3- You can download Aspera Connect version 3.9 via the link below.
If you already are running version 3.10, please remove it from your OS and install version 3.9.


How do I know what version of Aspera I have?

You can check which version of Aspera you currently have installed by going through the following steps:

       1) Open up the application and click on the ‘IBM Aspera Connect’ dropdown menu on
          the top left corner

      2) Select the option ‘About IBM Aspera Connect’


In the pop-up window, you will see a number next to where it says ‘Internal’ and
         ‘Release’ which indicates the version of Aspera that you are currently running.


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