Globaledit LINK - Aspera Connect

Janine Joffe -

Downloading Aspera

Aspera Connect is an application that works in conjunction with Globaledit LINK.
The benefits to enabling Aspera include:

1) You have the fastest upload and download speeds
2) You have no limitation regarding the size of your uploads and downloads
3) You have the ability to upload folder structures

You can download the most recent version of Aspera at the link below:


Checking What Version of Aspera Connect You Have

If you already have Aspera installed on your computer, you will need to be sure you are running the latest version of the application. Here is how you can check what version you have.

1) Launch Aspera Connect

2) In the title bar, click on ‘IBM Aspera Connect’ and select ‘About IBM Aspera Connect’


3) You will see a pop up window appear that will show the version number next to where it says ‘Internal’ and ‘Release’ 


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